Twitter SMS Returns To Rogers And Fido!

Back in November many of you out there may remember that all Twitter text messages in Canada ceased,... it was a sad day for many. The short code used was 21212 and when dropped by Rogers all Twitter messages stopped. Fast forward to yesterday however and an announcement came from Rogers stating they had worked out a deal with Twitter to revive the 21212 short code and even be so kind as to turn it on for Fido users as well. So, Twitter users in Canada you can rejoice in the fact that you'll indeed get your Twitter fix if you need it through SMS.

In other Rogers news though, as of July 7th, for those who do NOT currently have a txt messaging plan it could cost you a pretty penny if you are not subscribed to one of Rogers sms test messagaing plans. Currently, customers could receive incoming text messages for free. Plan or no plan, now that will change. So they enable Twitter (Rogers being nice!) and change SMS plans to increase cost (Robbers!)? Seems like Rogers figured out a business case of how to make the 21212 short code profitable.

[ via BGR ]