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BlackBerry Help: Introducing @crackberry twelpers! Borrowing from Best Buy's idea of a TwelpForce, we've given access to our @crackberry twitter account to some active and knowledgeable (and willing!) members of the CrackBerry community. Their mission? To answer all those BlackBerry-related questions that come to us on twitter. As best as they can, they'll either answer directly (in as few characters as possible) or find the link on CrackBerry that has the answer you're looking for. Just direct your BlackBerry-related question on twitter to @crackberry and an @crackberry twelper.




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This is the personal twitter account for Kevin Michaluk, Founder of and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation. CrackBerry Kevin gets the scoops and LOVES giving away free BlackBerry stuff. If you want to win free BlackBerry apps, accessories and even BlackBerry smartphones courtesy of Kevin himself, all you need to do is follow him. You can click here for details of the ongoing contest and the image below to jump over to his twitter.




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Adam Zeis - @azeis - Editor, Forums Manager

Bla1ze - @Videos4BB - Editor, Forums Manager

Craig Johnston - @ibanyan - CrackBerry Podcast Co-Host & Enterprise Expert 

David Boyd - @kasperapd - Blogger, Forums Moderator

Chad Leach - @cbclick - Click's Picks, Forums Moderator

Ryan Blundell - @ryanblundell - Blogger



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