If you're a still rocking a legacy BlackBerry device and are a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone you'll want to hit it up as Twitter has been updated to version so we are told.

This latest version is all about bug fixes and as you will see below there are a sweet selection on offer. Although BlackBerry 10 sales are now exceeding legacy ones it's still great to see the company striving to make their native apps as smooth as possible.

New additions in the update include:

  • DM photos in a conversation view are reloaded when accessed from the BB inbox of Today's view

  • Users were allowed to attempt to send direct messages that were too long if an image was attached

  • DM compose textual field goes partially black if scrolled sideways

  • Drafts full – reply all to a tweet and save draft, user is forced to delete/send a draft

  • Drafts full – save draft from outside of TW app, when prompted to remove draft, drafts list shows up blank

  • Thumbnail in Draft Tweets not square

  • Thumbnail picture removed from source, but still displayed in the draft tweet view

  • Open new DM for inactive account from Today's view, photo thumbnails and full screen views do not load

If you're not a Beta Zone member and want access to new application versions ASAP you can sign up here for free.

Source: BlackBerryEmppire