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As we all know, RIM has taken the BlackBerry Jam tour on the road. One such place where the tour stopped was in Sydney, Australia. During the event there, Conduct - a Melbourne based creative digital agency, took the stage to show off their latest app called FeatherDuster which is an interactive tool for visually discovering live Twitter streams.

Using the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha hardware, Conduct was able to push the limits of the device and show what is capable of being done with RIM's new developer tools. In speaking about the app and RIM's upcoming platform, Charlie Pohl, Managing Director at Conduct shared his thoughts:

“It’s very clear that the BB10 platform has a very flexible and advantageous tool chain. The added flexibility allows Conduct to choose which technologies we wish to target while leveraging our iOS and Android skill sets. BlackBerry’s platform is proving a more feasible solution for our clients in comparison to other platforms. ”

Indeed. RIM has put a lot of time into their offerings and we're only now starting to see what can be done. Over the next few months as we get closer to the release of more tools and BlackBerry 10, we'll start seeing more apps being produced as well.

The biggest challenge RIM faces in the developer area though, is getting the word out there that the new stuff they're offering is over and above anything they've offered in the past. The BlackBerry 10 Jam Tours are helping that so one has to wonder how many folks are working on apps but just haven't made official announcements yet.

Personally speaking, I'm under the impression that RIM has lined a few partners up that we're not even fully aware of. Some of which you may be surprised to see in the line up and some which might have already declared their dropping of BlackBerry support only to of have meant dropping of support for 'legacy' systems and dedicate thetime to BlackBerry 10 development. But that's a story for another time.

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