Fancy giving a new Twitter beta a go? If so, you can head on into the BlackBerry Beta Zone and grab v4.1.0.12 for smartphones running BlackBerry OS. There is a pretty large change log that goes along with this release as well so before you decide, maybe give it a look so you know what exactly has changed:

New Features Include:
  • Edit Profile Screen: Ability to upload or update the Banner Header picture via the Media Gallery or device camera.
  • Extended Profile Screen – Now fully functional!  - Tweets Section showing the latest three tweets and View more Tweets, Buttons Section for Following, Followers, User Action buttons for the Active User (Gear Icon, Manage Accounts, Direct Messages) or Another User's view (Actions and Follow/Following buttons), Favorites and Lists and Find Friends button is available at the bottom of the EP Screen
  • Swipeable Header: New support for the Banner Header picture, Full touch support plus trackpad navigation, panel dots navigation and micro focus on clickable elements including hashtags, usernames and URLs for both touch and non-touch devices
  • Devices with landscape support, orientation changes are now supported.
  • UI is completely redesigned and aligned more closely with other mobile Twitter clients.
  • Unique to the BlackBerry client is ability to click and view the Location Info on a map.
  • The existing Profile Thumbnail picture has been moved and is overlayed in the middle Pane 1 along with Screen Name and Username.
  • Swiping goes to pane 2 and shows Bio Text, Location and Website information.
  • If Bio Text is too long for Pane 2, it will be truncated with ellipsis and Location and URL will appear on Pane 3
That's quite a bit added and fixed, so chances are you're going to want to give it a run. You can grab the download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and be sure to offer up any feedback while using it. It is afterall, how the app will improve.