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Twitter for BlackBerry

Hey Twitter for BlackBerry users, if you're also registered over at the BlackBerry Beta Zone you'll be happy to learn that a new version is available for you to download. Go log in to the site and you should see v3.1.0.11 ready and waiting.

The change log includes:

  • Cannot press 'L' to reply to all in Tweet details screen (BZ report)
  • "Sorry you are not authorized to see this status" error popup on Tweet details screen (BZ report)
  • Seeing duplicate Replies in Tweet details page (BZ report)
  • View Pictures are not full sized and cropped off in new Tweet details (BZ report)
  • Undo Retweet fails
  • Right to Left - Scrolling in timeline jumps over links, @mentions and #hashtags to Retweeted by user link
So there you have it folks. Go get the new version, and if you're not a member of the Beta Zone go ahead and get signed up!

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