Twitter for BlackBerry
If you are a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone then here's some news for you. The Twitter for BlackBerry beta has updated to v1.1.0.17 and is available for download. They fixed a ton of bugs that were reported by beta testers, so make sure you download this one. There are still some known issues that RIM is working on as well as some requests for additions to the application, so you'll want to be sure to read through those on the site when you download. As this update is part of the Beta Zone program, a new keycode is required for the app to work after installation. A new one will be emailed to you, so be sure your contact information is up-to-date. Mine arrived in my inbox before I even finished downloading the application, so hopefully they are quick for everyone.

Some of the fixes include:

  • Push @mention issues
  • Updates to Geo-tweeting User Interface
  • Errors with posting/opening shortened links
  • Occasionally when you send a Direct Message, the message fails stating "Cannot send a message to a user who is not following you"
  • Lock icon overlaps the Name in the conversation screen for protected user
  • Conversation Screen font does not change until it is reloaded
  • Notification count includes non-followed users mentions
  • Shortening link not working, original link not getting replaced
  • Twitter is not listed under social feeds application options
  • Delayed/bad char count on conversation message screen on Pearl
  • After sending a long message and receiving a short message, the 2 messages overlap on the conversation list screen
  • Additional fixes for those people using the app in French
For full details and to download the Twitter for BlackBerry update visit the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

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