Twitter for BlackBerry ver

While an update to Twitter for BlackBerry isn't the news we're waiting for from BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam, it's still a nice treat for Monday morning. RIM has pushed version of their Twitter app out. The new version is mostly bug fixes but also they've reenabled a couple of features that were turned off in the latest build.

Updates in version

  • Fixed error preventing some users from launching app
  • Fixed a freezing issue that some users encountered when becoming BBM connected
  • Limited valid username characters when signing up for new Twitter account
  • Re-enabled Profile Location mapping for latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Fix continuous loading bug when encountering certain tweets

The update should be available to most users today, but if you are impatient and really looking to get in on the latest version of Twitter for BlackBerry, doing the alt+R,S,T trick within App World should refresh your applications and help you have the update faster.

Download Twitter for BlackBerry