Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones

Yup Yup.. Twitter for BlackBerry will be available to all in *beta* form tonight! Here's the word....

The Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphone application is about to go into public beta. As of 9 p.m. EST tonight, BlackBerry users around the globe will be able to download the app and give it a try.

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones has been available in a limited preview since February 11, 2010. The public beta version that will launch later today incorporates the following new features based on preview user feedback:

  • Notifications of New Tweets and @Replies/Mentions
    • When an @reply/mention is received, the user will be notified with a splat on the BlackBerry home screen ribbon as well as the application icon
    • Users will also be notified of new tweets in the BlackBerry Messages list
  • Twitter Lists Functionality
    • Comprehensive option to build a list of Twitter users on any subject
      • Ability to add members to the list and view subscribers of the lists
    • Users can also view other users' lists
  • Profile Editing
    • Users can edit their own Twitter profile from the application
    • Users can also change their profile image from the application
  • Personalization Settings
    • Users can customize the look of the application with the ability to:
      • Show/hide the navigation bar and tweetbox
      • Change the font/style to their own preferred choice
    • Users can click on a Twitter profile image and it will be enlarged for better viewing abilities
  • Improved in-Application Caching/Polling
    • Increased on-device caching for Timeline; Mentions to improve application performance
    • Enlarged Avatar (Profile Picture) Viewing
      • Push Notifications for Direct Messages
      • Timeline Support
      • Following & Followers
      • Posting, Sending, Deleting, Replying and Re-Tweeting Tweets
      • User/Saved/Keyword/Proximity Search
These new features build on Twitter for BlackBerry's strengths at its original preview launch:
  • Tweet Photos/Links
  • Trending Topics
  • Seamless integration into core BlackBerry Applications
  • URL Shortening
  • Auto Update

Twitter for BlackBerry Fun Fact: Did You Know that Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones allows users to follow someone on Twitter with just a click? Simply send your Twitter handle (@xxx) over BBM or email and have a contact click on it. Twitter for BlackBerry will open up and they can start following you right away!

Availability: Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones will be available for download from BlackBerry App World (in the Test Center) ( or on BlackBerry Beta Zone ( - for North American and UK users).

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