Twitter For BlackBerry And Linked In Apps Coming Soon According To RIM Newsletter

I guess I could kind of take this as some kind acknowledgement of the article I wrote the other day in one way or another. The most recent BlackBerry Connection Newsletter which was sent out yesterday makes note of two new apps coming for Business users. I'm not so sure Twitter qualifies as a tool for business users specifically, but it was on the list as well as Linked In for BlackBerry.

The newsletter states that both apps will be arriving on the BlackBerry platform soon and offers up links on how to be informed of each applications release. While the newsletter certainly doesn't offer much up in the way of a timeline, it does offer me that slight hope we'll see both arrive soon. But I guess we are stuck waiting to find out what Research In Motion's definition of "soon" is. For me, it means today or tomorrow. I'd even go so far as to say next week. Anything beyond that you are no longer in the "soon" timeline.