Twitter for BlackBerry 

An updated version of Twitter for BlackBerry is available for download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Version includes various tweaks and fixes that keep things running up to par. IF you're a Beta Zone member, you can login and download the update now. Fixes include: 

  • Unable to post a tweet if attaching a location is disabled
  • Find Friends dialog and page are not translated (all languages)
  • Background updates not working
  • Timeline doesn't refresh correctly after uploading a photo - Error shown and exception in log file
  • Mentions can be scrolled off screen
  • Timeline does not auto-refresh after delete/dismiss/undo
  • Clicking OK on Finds Friends screen freezes device in 5.0
  • After saving a search, the search page isn't updated until after a refresh
  • Favorite count shown in the my profile goes to negative sometimes. The count should never be negative.
  • Welcome screen users suggestions list does not appear if there is an extended character in the name
  • Your Favorites list does not refresh correctly to show unfavorited tweet.
  • Thumbnail in summary card is selectable on touch screen devices. 

If you install it be sure to drop a comment letting us know how it's working for you. Hit the link below for more.

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