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New to the BlackBerry Beta Zone is an updated version of Twitter for BlackBerry. Verison 2.1 adds additional profile support and multiple account support. This is a welcome addition for many users, although we would have liked to seen a few more new features.

  • Additional Profile Functions - The ‘My Profile' will have two new icons: Edit Profile and Switch Accounts. Now users can use the Edit Profile icon right from the Profile screen to change a picture or update personal information.
  • Multi-Account Support - The new Multiple Account Support feature allows users to have up to five accounts on their Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones app. When logged into multiple accounts, the current user name will appear in the upper-left corner of the header bar and the user picture will appear in the My Profile icon. Users can switch between accounts by using the Switch Account function, accessible from My Profile or via the Menu. Users can also cross-post Tweets and Retweets from one account to another without switching the current account view.

Twitter for BlackBerry 2.1 is available now in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you haven't yet registered, what are you waiting for?

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