Twitter for BlackBerry 10 now available through the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Good news for any Twitters users who have a BlackBerry Beta Zone account. BlackBerry has released Twitter for BlackBerry 10 via Beta Zone in order to get some beta testers up and running to put the app through its paces. It brings about the ability to swipe between timelines. You still have the tabs along the bottom but to make things a bit swift, you can swipe between your feed, Discover and Activity, It is also transitioning into that flatter looking UI that we saw in the leaked OS 10.3.

Twitter for BB10 v10.3.0.219 features

  • Save Tweets as Drafts and send when you are ready
  • Swipable Time to 'Activity' and 'Discover' tabs for quicker access to content
  • Multiple photo enhancements - Photos in Direct Message, toggle pictures on/off in the home timeline, and Retake/Edit options in Tweet composer
  • Age gating - verifying the user's age when following certain brands/products

Those are some nice additions. I would prefer it if I could swipe to my notifications but that can still be accessed using the tab along the bottom. If you'd like to try it out just go ahead and join the program via the Beta Zone app. Go to Programs>Eligible. Once you have joined the program be sure to restart the Beta Zone app to see the available download. Alternatively, if you're not seeing it there, try logging in to the Beta Zone website and join in the program that way. You should then see it available for download soon after. If you haven't got a Beta Zone account yet you can sign up for one for free. Please note that Beta Zone isn't available in all regions.

Please note: This beta version will not work if you are running the leaked 10.3 OS.

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