Twitter and Facebook

Some new concept images have turned up for Twitter and Facebook running on BlackBerry 10 devices. As it stands now, RIM builds the Twitter and Facebook apps for BlackBerry smartphones and it looks as though when BlackBerry 10 rolls around that may not change.

Looking at the Twitter concept images above, you'll notice it looks much like the iOS and Android versions but that's not such a bad thing as there is a few different concepts there. Plus, in order to say it's an official app, RIM has to comply with the UI guidelines put forth.

When it comes to Facebook, RIM has again implemented some of their own vision there with the addition of "glances" to help control notifications and settings but overall, the look is kept the same as other platforms. Let's just hope it works better because right now, NO Facebook app on any platform works as it should.

All in all, we'll have to wait and see what ultimately ends up in the hands of users but this is good look at some concepts and thoughts that are being put into BlackBerry 10.


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