Tweetings for Twitter

If you've recently upgraded to a new BlackBerry Z10 you may have noticed that the selection of Twitter apps is somewhat lacking. The official client feels unfinished and has quite a few bugs, and while there are a couple of other options if you look for them, not everyone will be happy with the choices. Luckily, developers are working on their apps and slowly but surely they're showing up in BlackBerry World. The latest to be released is Tweetings.

Tweetings is an Android port, though it does run pretty well on BlackBerry 10 from what I've seen. It's got quite a few features that users are coming to expect from Twitter clients, such as streaming timelines, mute by user, word, or app, Inline image preview, support for multiple accounts, and more. While it doesn't feel as natural to use compared to the native BlackBerry 10 client due to its Android origins, it's still pretty user friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, there are quite a few customization options so you can make it more your own style. Tweetings for Twitter can be purchased for $1.99 in BlackBerry World for your BlackBerry 10 device.

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