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Here at CrackBerry, and indeed Mobile Nations, we hold one truth above all others: There is no perfect smartphone, only the smartphone that is perfect for you. Outside of our Mobile Nations family, very few sites and blogs have actually gotten that one right. That's why when bobocox1 posted a link in the CrackBerry Forums to this Business Insider article, I was pleasantly surprised.

In the article, Matt Lynley put together a fair and comprehensive look at the iPhone vs. BlackBerry debate. He raised a lot of good points about areas where the iPhone beats BlackBerry and where BlackBerry beats the iPhone. All was well and good in the post, until I read this about sharing photos and videos from the two Smartphones.

By comparison, the BlackBerry's sharing mechanisms still feel a little clunky and aren't really integrated at all with the operating system. You have to dive into the apps to ship content off to the web, and it's nowhere near as fast as it is on the iPhone.

In the words of Sheila Broflovski, "What, what, what?" I can share any picture from my BlackBerry to Twitter in two clicks/taps. That sort of sharing is highly integrated into the operating system; you don't even have to open Twitter to do it. And although we've somehow overlooked writing that particular BlackBerry 101, you've been able to share that way since long before I joined CrackBerry. Sharing and communicating are, after all, at the heart of the BlackBerry Experience.

Now, before you all go off and leave nastygrams on Mr. Lynley's article, remember that we've all had that "I didn't know you could do that" moment. Until last week, I didn't know you could change folder colors. True, this IDKYCDT is a bit more prominant than folder colors, but it happens to the best of us. Remember, too, even with this supposed "fault" in the BlackBerry, Lynley still chose BlackBerry over iPhone. And that, my friends, still says quite a lot about the Smartphone brand we love so much.

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