Tvider- Allows You ToTweet Your Pics, Video And Audio

A rather interesting app for Twitter showed up this morning. Tvider, the newest addition to the many new Twitter apps that have been popping up brings a new Twist to your tweets. Rather then being a full blown Twitter client, it's purpose is to assist you in getting your pictures, audio and videos onto Twitter easily from your device or even your desktop, if you should decide to use that offering.

Features Include:

  • Support for 3 types of media – Video, Audio, Pictures.
  • Tools to instantly generate media using webcam and mobile camera.
  • Option to publish a pre-recorded media tweet from your HDD or mobile SD Card memory.
  • Instant Micro Media Tweeting experience designed by limiting the media length to 60s in case of video and audio.
  • Reply and Re-Tweet the media Tweets in your timeline.

Having opened my timeline this morning in the application, I saw many people already using it. But then I realized it wasn't showing me all their tweets. It was only showing me their tweets created by Tvider, which was allowing to me to view, listen to whatever media it was they had posted all from within the app. It's quite a nicely laid out, fast app for getting you media out there from your device. Give it a shot and let us know what you think about it.

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