Being able to stream TV shows to your smartphone is nothing new. However, I recently received a tweet from the developers of TV On The Go, which is available to download for free from BlackBerry World and it's a beauty.

I personally don't have the need to watch TV on my BlackBerry 10 device very often but this one will certainly be staying on my handset for when those times of extreme boredom set in - such as maybe a traffic jam or on the commute to work - as long as you are not driving. Although there are a few radio channels on there so maybe you could listen to them in the car?

As you'll see from the short demo video above; the user interface is so easy to navigate. There's a host of country options and I was glad to see that the UK section offers up pretty much everything I could wish for - sweet!

So as it costs no money why not give it a try? Remember though, that if you are going to be streaming a lot you'll want to ensure you have a data package that won't surpise you with any additional charges. Or just stick to Wi-Fi.

Failing that you can always hit up from your PC/Mac browser and watch live TV shows there. Either way it's all good.

More information/Download TV ON The Go for BlackBerry 10