BlackBerry TV On the Way?!

Wowza. How's this for a BlackBerry rumor not starting in the typical realm of BlackBerry blogs?? claims to have heard from several sources that RIM will soon be unveiling a full-episode television service for BlackBerry, potentially as early as next week at CTIA. Rumored details thus far for the BlackBerry TV service suggest:

  • It will be an unlimited monthly subscription service for a fee
  • Once a user orders a program, the content will be downloaded in the background over Wi-Fi
  • Multiple broadcast and cable networks have licensed content for the service

While I would be extremely surprised to see something like to go live next week (why would RIM want to detract from the launch of App World which is expected to be fully unveiled at CTIA?!) I do hope RIM is working on a service or partnership surrounding this type of concept and that it does launch sooner rather than later. Models like the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm have such beautiful displays which the current average owner likely doesn't take full advantage of. Having a dead easy way to get rich tv/video content on their devices will allow many owners to get that much more out of their BlackBerry experience. Better start stocking up on extra batteries! :-)

[ NewTeeVee via Business Insider ]