It's not everyday we see a truly awesome native game arrive in BlackBerry World, but Tutti Bugs falls into that category if you ask me. Free to download for BlackBerry 10, it's a sure fire way of keeping you entertained, whether for just a few minutes, or if you have some serious gaming time on your hands.

In a way, it has a slightly similar concept to Angry Birds in the fact that you use a catapult style movement. Where things are different though is that you're not knocking down pigs but instead feeding the Tutti Bugs.

Each 'World' has 10 levels within it and to unlock the next 'World' you will need to collect a certain amount of coins along the way. This is achieved by collecting stars and doing well. If you decide you wish to jump to the next 'World' you can buy additional coins via in-app purchases if you desire.

As the levels progress they get more complexed, with different styles of bugs to feed - some will travel in the air. There will also be evil bugs you need to avoid, so each level has its own challenges.

If you're looking for a new adventure to get you through the next week at work maybe this one will be the answer? It's a real beauty in my eye.

Full features include:

  • Use your Facebook account to keep safe your progress and access your friends best Scores plus global hi-scores. We do not post anything for you, share only things you want to share

  • More than 50 unique levels and more coming soon!

  • More than 20 playable Tutti Bugs with different features

  • More than 20 exclusive Tutti Foods

  • Special Characters to unlock

  • Minigames included with Daily extra coins!

  • Achievements

  • SPECIAL and BONUS Rounds for more fun and score!

  • Clean STARS on levels to gain more FREE COINS

  • Upgrades Characters for more POWER, SCORES and better reload times

  • Replay old levels with new Characters for best times, scores and COINS

Tutti Bugs is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices although I've only used it on the Z30. If you try it on a Q series handset feel free to let us know what you think of the game in the comments?

More information/Download Tutti Bugs for BlackBerry 10