digital private eye Earlier in the week we reported on a system that lets you see on a google map where your BlackBerry had been by using a GPS tracking system. It was designed, according to the maker, to allow you to see where you had hiked or drove although the best use seemed to be to use the Berry to track someone such as your teenager to see where they go with the Buick at 1.00 am.

Now, you have system that goes one better. New software allows you to actually spy on the Berry itself. Paranoid and worried your spouse is sending secret messages and e-mails to a lover? Now you can install a system on their Berry that will tell you what they are doing on their Berry when you’re not there or you are asleep and they are in the other room “watching that episode of ‘Matlock’ they’d always wanted to see.”

When did we all get so paranoid?

If your spouse is using the BlackBerry for illicit liaisons or drug buys etc. you can be monitoring this activity with software installed on the Berry without the user even knowing it is there. Call it a Digital Private Eye if you will.

Vervata Co. Ltd. has just released new BlackBerry versions of its FlexiSPY mobile phone spy software. The software secretly records all SMS messages, call logs, emails and the location of the device. It uploads this information via GPRS to a secure server where the information can be analyzed. The software can only be accessed using a secret code.

And there is one really creepy and yet strangely cool thing you can do with the software – you can secretly switch the BlackBerry’s microphone on from any other phone and listen to your target’s surroundings in real time.

The FlexiSPY software is available in two versions, PRO (around $199 U.S. for a year’s subscription) and LIGHT (around $132 U.S. per year).

This is why I am sticking with my BlackBerry 7290!