If you're looking for a multimedia app, Penzus MMT (Multimedia Tool) is a good app to get. It's a powerful, professional tool and there's quite a list of things you can do with this app. There have been a few times it has proven useful for me recently. You can create GIFs from multiple photos or even from a video. You can then share them on social media sites, including BBM Channels. You can also extract audio from a video file or even reduce a file size.

The user interface is very simple but it does what it says on the tin. Just open the app, choose what you want to do and go from there. Right at the bottom of the list you'll find System Tools. The options in there take you to native tools - video or image editing. The app does create a default name for files you are about to create, you can edit them before you go through with the process. It will also use a default Penzus folder too. But of course you can save your creation wherever you want, just be sure to do it before you hit START.

Penzus MMT features

  • Conversion images into animated GIF
  • Cropping audio file
  • Merging video and audio
  • Merging video files
  • Extraction of audio from video
  • Resizing video
    • scaling to 320/480/560/640 px
    • compression – low, normal, high
  • Conversion from an audio to
    • AAC, bitrate - 64/128/192/256/320 Kbps
    • MP3, bitrate - 64/128/192/256/320 Kbps, channels - mono/stereo, frequency 8000/16000/2400/3200/44100/48000 Hz
    • FLAC
  • Conversion of video into animated GIF
    • fps – 3/5/10/15/30
    • scale – none/200/300/400/500 px
  • Conversion of video into MP4
  • Conversion of video into images - fps - 3/5/10/15/30
  • Splitting video into multiple parts - interval - 5s/10s/15s/30s/1min/3min/5min/10min
  • Muting audio for video
  • Editing video (through system in-built functionality)
  • Editing images (through system in-built functionality)

I have used Penzus MMT to create a few GIFs from videos and it's quick and easy to do. You can watch the video above to see the app in action. If you're interested in the app, it is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and will cost $4.99. While that may seem a little steep for some, you're getting a whole bunch of tools available in one app that is usually found through multiple apps. And it will be the type of app you'll make use of frequently, so you will get your money's worth, in my opinion.

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