BerryAnnoying A lot of BlackBerry Users and Abusers out there are going to be happy to hear this... it seems you actually can shut off the shutter sound on your BlackBerry Curve or Pearl's camera.

BerryAnnoying, just released by Zaventh Ventures, sells for $3.95 and allows you to take photos with your BlackBerry silently. BerryAnnoying installs a new camera shortcut onto your BlackBerry homescreen. Launch the camera by clicking that icon (you'll want to hide the standard camera launcher) and you'll find the shutter no longer snaps! It's simple and it works. Note that it *may* not work on CDMA Curves and Pearls - 8330/8130.

Zaventh also sells a simple flashlight app for the BlackBerry called BLight, and just today have launched their latest utility, called AutoStandby. AutoStandby installs a shortcut onto your BlackBerry which allows you easily put your device in standby (better battery life savings over locking your keyboard). As always, you bring your BlackBerry back to life by holding down the mute key