Way back in October 2011, at DevCon Americas, we saw the game TunnelTilt demoed at the keynote. I remember seeing it and trying to look it up in BlackBerry App World as some other applications were being made available that day as well. Silly me, I should have known better. TunnelTilt was used to show off the power of WebGL (Web Graphics Library) via WebWorks in OS 2.0. WebGL does away with plug-ins and renders 3D graphics within a web browser (no need for Flash). It’s based on OpenGL ES 2.0 and makes use of the HTML5 canvas element. If you check out Part 1 of the keynote, skip to the 24:18 to see the “first demo” in action. The game was actually developed by the team that implemented WebGL, which can also be used by developers to aid them in developing web applications. An interactive demo was made available at GitHub not too longer after. Read more about WebGL here.

In the wee hours of the morning, TunnelTilt made its way to BlackBerry App World as a free download, for those using PlayBook OS 2.0 or higher. Now I was supposed to go bed at a reasonable time last night. Thanks to time zones, and me being on the west coast, I stayed up past my bedtime playing this demo. That being said, remember that this is still the same interactive demo we saw at DevCon11. There are no other levels, no score and no scoreboards. What you do have is an addictive game that is vivid, smooth and just plain amazing.

More information/Download TunnelTilt for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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