Tungle Scheduling App Now Available As A Free Download

Tungle has been in beta for a while now but today, has finally reached public availability. The free scheduling application is now available for download direct from the Tungle website. Having used the application before, I can say it's great for sharing calendar information between users. The full list of features below:

  • Schedule meetings -Propose times, overlay calendars of sharing contacts, send invites, check pending meetings – everything you need to make meetings happen.
  • Share calendars - Send sharing requests, choose between free/busy or details, see schedules of people you share with – it’s the world’s first mobile exchange server.
  • Reply to invites - Receive and reply to invitations from other Tungle users or through your Tungle.me link.

While many other options exist, Tungle makes it rather easy to organize and schedule meetings. All of which is wrapped up in a nice, functional UI. We'll be putting Tungle to a full on test at WES this year, in the meantime grab your free copy from their website.

  • Download The Tungle Scheduling App For BlackBerry Free>>