Whoa - CRAZY awesome week for BlackBerry news so we're going to fire up things tomorrow for a CrackBerry podcast before the weekend hits.

There's lot to talk about of course: BBM finally made it onto iPhones and Android phones and has been topping the download charts right from day one; OS 10.2 is starting to roll out; BBRY company stuff is about to get really real as the November 4th due diligence period for Fairfax Financial is quickly approaching AND .... I FINALLY got a BlackBerry Z30 today!!

Tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm ET. Adam, Bla1ze, Simon and Umi will all be with me as we talk about everything that's going on. And hey, it's halloween, so maybe one of us will be in costume (I nominate Adam). It's gonna be awesome do so don't miss it!!

** Side Note - For those of you asking who won the BBM contest, we'll be putting up the winner's announcement before the end of the weekend. **