TukTuk Meter BlackBerry

A great day has come upon every BlackBerry sporting chaffeur today, as transportation with a three-wheeler has become a deed simple enough to save you from potential headaches. And it is all thanks to TukTuk Meter from MindHelix technologies. This nifty application not only helps drivers in determining the correct fare that is to be paid, but it also features an intuitive path calculation algorithm to trace the journey route as well! The application also sports editable rates for multi-city usage and can function completely offline - no network connection required. Add GPS support for real-time distance update and you now have the ultimate companion for those lengthy work days with seemingly endless passengers and traffic.

TukTuk Meter is available for BlackBerry smartphones with device software v4.5 up to v5.0. BlackBerry 6 compatibility is probably in the works as well, but development progress may be slow as MindHelix Technologies is working on a Symbian port of the application too. But that will not hinder you from grabbing TukTuk Meter, no? It is free after all - and, Made in India.

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