TSN Mobile: BlackBerry Edition

Into sports and looking for a great app to keep up to date on standings, scores and more? Why not check out the freshly pressed beta of the TSN Mobile app for BlackBerry. Previously only available to iPhone users, the TSN Mobile app has made the leap to the BlackBerry platform with the release of the first beta.

TSN brings all the sports information in its number one iPhone app to the Blackberry.

A beta test of the application, featuring thorough coverage of the five major leagues (NHL, CFL, NFL, MLB and NBA) was released in early October 2010. Many more sports will be added throughout the month, with a final release slated for early November.

Having tried it out on my 9700 the new app is great for all the essentials. However, installing it on my BlackBerry Torch led to some not so poitive results. I'm sure that will be corrected over time as TSN never claimed it would work on the Torch now anyways. Be sure to check it out though if you are looking for a great app to keep track of sports scores and more.

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