RIM AT&T BlackBerry 8310 Launch Data

I guess I need to start paying closer attention to our CrackBerry.com forums. This afternoon I started seeing photos of the soon to be released AT&T 8310 BlackBerry Curve pop up in my RSS reader showing the Crimson Red color it will be available in. Well it turns out we had this data and more in our forums for over 24 hours before the news started to break elsewhere. A big thanks to our member Bla1ze for getting this out there.

According to this Launch sheet, it looks like the 8310 will become available on October 11th. We've seen before that the Launch Date doesn't mean you can necessarily go down to your AT&T dealer on Thursday morning and pick up a new 8310. Rather, they become available to AT&T for distribution/sale at that point. I'm guessing it will be next week before customers start getting their hands on this new BlackBerry smartphone.

Be sure to let us know when you do see the 8310 for sale. How do you like Red Wine color? Better than the Bright Ferrari red I was sort of hoping for?

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