While most of us know @DHabkirk his fantastic design work and the bit pieces of BlackBerry info he shares with us all on on Twitter and through his BlackBerry channel, did you also know he has several great apps in BlackBerry World? Like many other developers, he also has access to the new BlackBerry vendor portal and as such has created some promo codes for a few of his apps, namely MyBucketList, ZombieBird, and QuickTape.

  • MyBucketList - Want to go skydiving? Rock-climbing? Store it in MyBucketList! Finish an item? Check it off and let your friends know about your accomplishment with BBM Integration! Feeling like backing out of streaking with your friends? Chicken Out - and let your BBM Contacts know!

  • ZombieBird - ZombieBird is a great time passing game in the style of 'Flappy Bird'

  • QuickTape - QuickTape is a simple recording application that allows you to quickly record phone calls, voice notes, and anything else with your BlackBerry's built in microphone! Simply open the application, click record, and you're set to go!

This time around, the code is unlimited and as many people who want the apps for free can grab them until it expires by simply using the code DHDC0001DB0D in BlackBerry World from the swipe down menu and then going to 'Redeem'.

Update - This has now expired