We've seen plenty of threads in the CrackBerry forums lately about members praising the BlackBerry Q10. With the US release finally upon us (come on AT&T and Sprint!) more and more BlackBerry users are getting in on the Q10 fun. I've also been a huge fan since I picked up my device and haven't looked back since.

When it comes to loving or hating a device, everyone has their own reasons. It's hard to make judgment on a device from other people's reviews, and you really just need to pick one up to try it out and judge for yourself. You can read reviews all day long but until you actually put it through your own "real world" test, you'll never know if it's right for you. We always say that you need to use a new device for at least two or three weeks before you can ultimately decide.

"Battery is amazing. If yours is not, then there is something wrong" z10ma, CB Forums Member

That being said, if you don't have the means to pick up a Q10 but are still anxious to know what other users think of it, there are plenty of great threads in the forum with users reviews.

Forums member z10ma dropped the most recently review - praising the Q10 for business pros and "getting **** done". He notes the keyboard is amazing, the UI is "lightning fast" and is great for multitasking and productivity.

Some of the reasons z10ma lists for loving the Q10:

  • Battery is amazing. If yours is not, then there is something wrong. I took my Q10 off of the charger at 6am and I still have ~50% batter life left as I type this ... with my Q10 btw.
  • UI is great for multi-tasking and productivity. All I really care about at the end of the day is my bank account and so being able to get things done is the number one priority for me. I can effortlessly toggle between calls, emails, texts, and files simply by swiping up or left -- no buttons, no holding down on icons, no doubling clicking, just swiping up or left. 
  • Lightning fast. Now I know it's new, so we'll see how this plays out, but so far there has not been one hiccup in the OS..no freezing or restarting at all.
  • Keyboard is phenomenal.There is no way that I would not have given up by now on my previous touch screen devices...

Sunetos, a long-time iPhone user, recently picked up a new Q10 and has never used a BlackBerry before. While sunetos has a few issues at the start, summarizes by saying "almost everything has worked great for me (most of my problems were my fault and I needed more time on the learning curve)". 

There are a few threads downing the Q10 as well, however most come from users that haven't given the device a full go. After just a day of use, some are quick to put down the Q10 for screen size, lack of apps or the fact that they haven't taken time to get to know the device at all. While these are obvious differences between the Q10 and other devices/platforms, they certainly aren't the only things that the Q10 has to offer. 

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