Having data issues on your BlackBerry? We take a look at some common issues and how to fix them.

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One of the common problems BlackBerry users face is data issues. The issues can be caused by various things in either the RIM or carrier network, and they usually hinder your device in some way. Data issues ranges from not being able to send/receive email to no BBM to no signal. When these things occur it's really hard to pin down just what the cause is, but with a few steps you can troubleshoot some common data issues on your own and most times be back up and running on your own (or at least get a better idea of the issue). Keep reading and we'll check out some common issues and their fixes.

Troubleshooting Common BlackBerry Data Issues

Here we'll look at the most common issues that BlackBerry users face regarding data. 

First things first. If you're having data issues, make sure you're actually in an area with good coverage and your device radio is on (Mobile Network is active). Often times we think that our data is crapping out, but in reality it's just a bad service area. Also make sure you have an active data plan for your device that includes BlackBerry service.


The old standby - reboot. The first thing I do when I'm having data issues is reboot, or at the very least, cycle my connections (you can also do a battery pull). This ensures that everything is working as it should and 9 times out of 10 it will fix whatever issue you're having.

Verify Network Settings

BlackBerry Network Settings

Check to make sure your network settings are properly set up. To do this, go to Options > Networks and Connections > Mobile Network. Make sure Data Services are on and the proper network is selected. If you are connected to wifi, verify that your wifi network is working properly as well (or just turn wifi off to check for other issues).

Register with the network

Register BlackBerry

To verify that you're connected to the network and everything is working, go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Host Routing Table. Press the Menu key and choose Register Now. If you get a BlackBerry registration message on your device, everything with the network should be working properly. If you don't get a message, there is an issue somewhere along the line with your carrier and/or RIM. At that point you'll just have to wait it out or call customer service for more help.

Send a Test Message

Often times you can pinpoint a specific issue by sending yourself a message. Using an email address not associated with your device, send a message to an email address registered on your BlackBerry (or have a friend send one). If you receive it, your email is obviously working. If not, there are network issues, delays or another issue you'll need to try and resolve. You can do the same test by sending yourself a BlackBerry PIN message as well.

Send Service Books

To verify that you have all the service books you need and that everything is working fine and dandy, you'll want to resend your service books. Thankfully you can do this right from your device - gone are the days of hunting around for your carrier's BIS site. 

BlackBerry Service Books

To send your service books, go to the Email Setup icon on your device or when in the Messages app, press Menu, choose Options and select Email Account Management. Once it opens, press the Menu key again and choose Service Books then Send Service Books. You should receive activation emails for all of your registered email addresses on your device. If not, verify that you have properly set up your email accounts or check with your carrier for more help.

If all else fails, blame your carrier

Some issues are beyond the control of what you can do on your device,so you'll unfortunately have to contact your carrier. Things like unpaid bills, wrong service plans, carrier outages, latency issues and BIS errors can all contribute to data issues on your particular device. Call your customer service and they can either help you out or tell you more about any known issues.

What are some other issues and solutions you've come across? Let us know in the comments.

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