BlackBerry Store

Back on December 11th we brought word of the opening of the First Multi-Carrier BlackBerry Store. Give it 10 days and the "first visit" reports are beginning to emerge. In the CrackBerry Forums, you can read member bbsadaj's Field Trip to the BlackBerry Store post and our Geeky BB friend's just posted a great detailed story of their first trip to the store (with lots of photos, including one of a sweet BlackBerry Ice Sculpture that was set up out front).

The takeaway? The store is a "Shack" on the outside but COOL on the inside. The staff seem knowledgable and you can hook yourself up with with any of the U.S. BlackBerry carriers there. Judging from this picture of an interior wall, the actual BlackBerry Accessory offering is very limited (just the OEM BlackBerry stuff and some microSDHC cards) compared to the massive, massive, MASSIVE offering we have at our store. Regardless, if you're in Farmington Hills, Michigan over the holidays you will want to check this place out. 

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