Since we first posted about Trillian for BlackBerry many users have downloaded it and given it a test drive. Not all was perfect with the app though for some out there, many users reported some issues which is often the case when beta apps hit mass consumption. Trillian has recognized the problems, thanks to feedback and has now released the latest beta build for everyone to download. Lots of bug fixes have been implemented here. Full list below:

  • 'Auth' contacts should be in offline group
  • AutoText support
  • BIS connection problems
  • Can't add accounts once signed in
  • Constant Red LED
  • Double spacebar & auto caps support
  • Fix LED speed to mirror standard speed
  • Hide avatars and other internal images from BB Media app
  • LED color support
  • List control not exposing expand/collapse menu options
  • Usernames with "_" aren't being allowed but should be
  • Improvements to battery usage 

Hopefully, all these bugfixes will lead to a better all experience for end users. That said, if you checked out the beta previously and were not happy maybe give this build a shot and if it works out better for you.

Source: Cerulean Blog