Trillian For BlackBerry

It's been a while now since the intial release of Trillian for BlackBerry which, launched into BlackBerry App World with version 1.0. Now, the Trillian team has been busily working on version 1.1 which is now available as a free beta download. The latest release takes a lot of the feedback generated from the first beta and implements it by offering many bug fixes and even more improvements to the application as a whole.

Changes In Version 1.1 Include:

  • Landscape support.
  • Messages inbox integration.
  • New emoticon button and browser.
  • Group contact list by service.
  • Option to start Trillian on device boot.
  • Much faster opening of message windows.
  • ‘Connect all’ and ‘disconnect all’ options.
  • Various other bugfixes and minor improvements. 

This latest release is now available as a free OTA download and any feedback of course is appreciated as it will help make the application better in the longrun. Those of you out there that have bought Trillian in the past, will get a free upgrade to this version upon its release as well, so no need to worry about purchasing the app again.