Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices Tricky Golf will please many of you in two ways. Firstly, it's a decent 2D golfing game and secondly it's free - which we all like. 

With crisp, bright graphics and some sweet nature sound effects, Tricky Golf is the perfect game for killing some time. You have the option to create your own profile and also play against your friends using the same handset. 

Game play is a piece of cake - once the ball is positioned on the green you just move the putter in the direction you want to hit the ball. Then, over on the right hand side of the screen is your power tab. Tap this and you'll see the power rising as blue in the tab. Tap again to shoot and off the ball goes - simple.

As you progress, the courses clearly become more complicated but luckily you can pinch to zoom and pan around the green to ensure your aim is perfect. With nine holes to play and the game being free this one is well worth a download. Give it a shot and see what you think. 

Game characteristics: 

  • Mini-golf rules
  • The course has 9 holes
  • Possibility of playing of 4 players on 1 device
  • Realistic physics
  • Nice atmosphere of game

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