One of my favorite mobile games is now available for BlackBerry 10 and therefore it would be rude not to give you a quick demo on video before you part with your money. Trial Xtreme 2 is clearly the sequel to Trial Xtreme and brings us 36 new levels from Unity. This one is Z10 only I'm afraid but that's clearly due to screen real estate. I'm not sure it would be as good on the BlackBerry devices with keyboards.

The concept of the game is easy - just maneuver your motorbike across the course. Clearly it isn't that simple but even when you start moving through to the harder levels it's still so much fun.

There are tilt controls available if you like but I prefer to use all on screen ones for this game. On the right side of the display you have the brake and throttle tabs and over on the left are the tilt and jump ones. The game does take a bit of getting used to and even though I've played Trial Xtreme on both iOS and Android some obstacles can still be a pain to get over. But practice makes perfect!

If you have time to sit down and really get into a game then I highly recommend this one. It's addictive though so don't blame me if your partner gets the hump with you!

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