Wayne Rash eWeek

When CrackBerry.com first launched, Wayne Rash over at eWeek was quick to help spread the CrackBerry.com word.

It's time to return the favor... Wayne needs the CrackBerry.com Community's help! He's looking to replace his Motorola V3 RAZR and is contemplating between a new Treo or BlackBerry. He's checked out the Smartphone Round Robin and loves it, but still could use some direct input to help him with his decision. It seems to me that right now he's leaning towards the Treo, and we just can't let that happen! :-)

Check out Wayne's Should I Buy a Treo? post and be sure to comment and help get him on the BlackBerry bandwagon!!

* Update: Looks like it's working...check out Wayne's follow-up post Or Maybe I Should Buy a BlackBerry? *