Back in February, BlackBerry teamed up with Trend Micro to use their App Scanning Service to further analyze apps submitted to BlackBerry World in addition to the already existing proprietary application analyzing system in use by BlackBerry. Outside of that, BlackBerry has also been working with Trend Micro to develop further solutions for protecting BlackBerry customers against emerging mobile security concerns.

BlackBerry has always been known for their security with it being a core part of the operating system and with BlackBerry 10 they've added even more layers of security than ever before. Some of that security though isn't necessarily consumer facing, so you might not be fully aware of its existence.

So in-between their work with BlackBerry, Trend Micro has come up with a nice infographic that highlights just some of the security features built into BlackBerry 10 in their Smarphone Spotlight. You can check out the image below or head on over to the Trend Micro website to view the full-res image.