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Remember Trapster? If you had a BlackBerry over a year ago you might, but new users may not recognize the name. Trapster -- dubbed a "speed trap sharing system" -- is essentially an app that lets you track police speed traps and checkpoints (which are now removed) on your mobile device when on the road. Back in March of 2011, the folks at Trapster ran into a few issues with US Senators who claimed the app gave "drunk drivers a free tool to evade checkpoints, putting innocent families and children at risk." After a bit of back and forth, Trapster was promptly removed from BlackBerry App World.

Well we got word today that Trapster is finally back in action on BlackBerry. The app is again available for download and is totally free. If you haven't used Trapster before, it truly is a valuable tool for all road warriors.

"Trapster is a crowdsourced app, so being available again on BlackBerry App World will add to our quickly growing community of over 15 MILLION Drivers. The more drivers on the road using Trapster, the more accurate our app will be. Not only for BlackBerry users, but for Trapster users on any device." ~ Sean P. Farrell - Trapster Product Manager 

You can check out more over at Trapster, or head to BlackBerry App World to download. Welcome back Trapster!!

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