Trapster is a popular application that is designed to help keep you from getting a ticket. As they travel, users are alerted of potential speed traps that they may encounter. Like the friendly high beam alerts from oncoming traffic, fellow Trapster users can submit speed traps, cameras, check points or other “points of interest” for others to take note of while they drive. Trapster was recently updated to 4.0 and now includes 11 new hazards to keep an eye out for: School Zone, Children at Play, Car Accidents, Construction Zone, Dangerous Curve, Dangerous Intersection, Brush Fire, Flooded Road, Ice on Road, Narrow Bridge, Road Closed, Road Kill and Tollbooth.

With these new hazard reporting options, Trapster offers to help increase your safety on the road and keep you informed of any recent changes, not to mention keeping speeding tickets at bay. They’ve also made some improvements with the load time of the maps and traps by forgoing the static 4 mile radius they’ve used in the past. You can pick up the Trapster application for free from the CrackBerry App Store as well as BlackBerry App World. Be sure to look out for a full review soon. For more information check out Trapster.

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