Translate text with ease with dict Browser

Being able to learn a new language is not an easy task. Rather than carry around a dictionary while travelling, there are other options to try and communicate in a foreign language. One such method is using an app. From the developer that brought you ClipMan Clipboard Manager and BlackBullet, comes dict Browser. This is a browser for the mobile website

QtHelex has taken the, an extensive multilingual online translation / dictionary website, and created a browser for BlackBerry 10. The website itself translates German and English but also supports a growing list of other languages including French, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and Russian. The dictionary itself is bi-directional, so you can choose to translate from German to English and vice versa. When searching for a particular word or keyword, will display several variations based on context.

What sets this apart from simply using the mobile version of is you can select words from any application and share directly to dict Browser to translate. This saves you the time from having to copy and paste into the browser. The translation and all applicable results will immediately be displayed within dict Browser. However, you still have the option of inputting words and keywords directly into the search bar.

dict Browser is simple and easy to use, especially for quick searches and translations while on the go. You can download it for free in BlackBerry World.

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