Comic Strip Maker

Is your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet filled with photos? Are you a comic book fanatic? Do you love modifying your photos and sharing them with friends and family? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will like Comic Strip Maker! This fun application is available for both smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook and takes any of your personal photos and transforms them into a comic strip.

Comic Strip Maker Menu

Comic Strip Maker by Christopher Passalacqua is easy to use and replicates a comic strip right down to the type of font used. You have your choice of a single pane or multi pane view (bigger strip with more than one image) to create your story. While dialog bubbles are not yet supported at this time you do get the space at the top and bottom to insert text in classic strip style.

It comes with a variety of filters for you to choose from for each of your panes. Each of these effects gives your images a distinct comic book feel. For example, if you loved the old fashioned newspaper comic strips then you would select halftone filter. Once all the text and modifications have been applied, images are saved as either PNG or JPG extensions by clicking on the save button at the bottom of the preview image. You can then access them directly from your photo gallery in a folder called MyComicStrips. For those worried about permanently modifying their images have no fear, your originals remain untouched.

Comic Strip Maker conversion
Before and After

Using the settings options, you have the ability to change the file format output, choose where to save the final product to, and select the size. The last option is important because it does take some time for the application to convert your image in to the comic strip format. Also included is a help and support menu which guides you through the process, offers quick answers, and other topics related to the application.


  • Create comic strips using photos from your photo gallery.
  • Does not modify your original picture (works with a copy of it).
  • Add text to the top and bottom of each pane.
  • Choose from 17 different filters: halftone (creates a newspaper comic strip effect), cartoon effect, retro cartoon, worn out cartoon, yellow vision, blue vision, green vision, pink vision, red vision, portable green, pencil sketch, and more.
  • 4 comic strip layouts: single pane, two pane, three pane, and three pain (two rows).
  • Save comic strips as either PNG or JPEG.
No matter how old you are, it's sure to provide hours of entertainment and laughs. It certainly gives your imagination a workout. Just think of all the possible adventures you could conjure up with your vacation or everyday photos. Not only that but I'm sure all of those blackmail images of your friends/family would make for some interesting stories as well. Comic Strip Maker! Is $.99 in BlackBerry App World for devices running OS 5 and higher and the PlayBook.

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