If you are a diehard theme lover then no doubt you've probably heard of Elecite. Known for their quality and creativity, the very first theme I ever downloaded on my BlackBerry Bold 9000 was Scenic. What I love is that you're not just getting a simple background and a few modified icons, but a design that completely overhauls and reworks the entire interface of your device. Vigorous is their latest creation and it brings the same impeccable craftsmanship they add to all their products. This theme gives you everything at your fingertips without the need for universal search.

Vigorous is a modern, metro style look that spans across three pages. All of your applications are shown as panels or icons that are easily accessible and has their own identifiable representation. By simply tapping on each of the corners (Torch 9800 owners) or navigating with the trackpad you'll be able to scroll through each of the pages to locate the ones you need without bringing up the application screen. It features 25 quick access icons and 8 customizable icons that slide out from a hidden panel, a dedicated weather slot (make sure your weather app is in the first position), and lets you swap between two color schemes (Light and Dark on selected icons) to change things up a bit. It's the most complex and fluid theme I've encountered and that's exactly why I love it.


  • Fluid Performance
  • 25 locked icons
  • 8 Customizable Icons
  • TINY file size
  • Snappy performance
  •  Weather Slot
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Modern Layout Design
For some, I admit that seeing the layout for the first time is daunting and takes some time to adapt. It has a tendency to appear "too busy" or crowded and leaves no room for notifications except at the top. I use BeBuzz so this is a not an issue for me. Also, track pad navigation is not compatible with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (they do say it is out of their control) and two of the 25 locked panels are for applications I do not have installed (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). Nevertheless, you do get accustomed to the layout to find what you need quickly and efficiently. Finally, swapping colors only modifies a few of the home screen icons rather than all of them though I do like the contrast on the darker color scheme.

Elecite says the theme speaks for itself and I wholeheartedly agree. They meticulously paid attention to each and every detail, no matter how tiny, to bring you a finely tuned masterpiece. You just have to see it to believe. My shot above doesn't do it justice with how intricate and clear the icons are and just how beautiful it is. You can grab Vigorous today from BlackBerry App World for $6.99. It's compatible with BlackBerry 8900, 9500/20/30/50, 9630/50, 9700/80, and 9800. 

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