Transformers Wallpapers and Ringtones for your BlackBerry

The new Transformers movie is out, and regardless of the not-so-great reviews it features robots fighting and the talents of Megan Fox which means it automatically rates a two BlackBerry thumbs up on the CrackBerry Kevin scale. 

So if you want to transform your BlackBerry this weekend, you can click into our free user-contributed ringtone gallery and wallpaper gallery to get your Autobots, Decepticons and Megan Fox on. To speed up your hunt, use the search box on the right (click to the ringtones or wallpapers tab before searching). Example searches: transformers, megan fox, optimus prime, bumblebee, megatron, etc.. I also came across a few Transformer themes here.

You can also jump over to to pick up the Transformers Game for BlackBerry and even more Transformers ringtones and alerts. And no dice Storm owners... unfortunately no amount of Transformers ringtones, wallpapers, games or themes will turn your Storm 1 into a Storm 2 (trust me, I tried).