It should come as no shock to any of us OS replica themes have been around for a long time, and for some reason we love them so much, giving us a feel of another platform with the greatness of the BlackBerry behind it. The folks at drkapprenticeDESIGNS appear to have spent quite a large amount of time and effort and are happy to bring us Mo7, a Windows Phone 7 replica that carries quite a few options along with it. With 3 homescreens, 7 color choices, 4 opacity options and 23 icons at your fingertips, to say it is customizable would be an understatment. In addition to all of this there are a few hot keys set in the theme, as well as a fold away dock, which is quite neat to watch in action. Check out the video above of the theme in action, and be sure to pick up your own copy today while it is on sale for only $1.99!

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