Over the years we have seen many different OS replica themes come across our forums, some replace just the icons while others go for a whole device overhaul, and this is exactly what BlingBerry Themes has done with their latest. The iPhone Simulator is a very fitting name for this theme as it will leave users wondering if they are really playing with a simulator, or still using their BlackBerry device. The attention to detail in this theme is unmatched by any other theme, from the way the custom folder icons were created, to the custom SVG work which allows the look of multitasking how it is done on the iOS devices. Also, included in this theme is a calendar application which allows the icon to change dates, which gives an even truer experience to the iOS devices, because every detail counts. Words really don't do true justice for this theme, so check out the video above, and be sure to grab your very own copy today from the CrackBerry Store for $3.99 while it's on sale.

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