For those of you who say there aren't enough themes for all the guys out there then you'll feel differently once you see the latest from mgdotnet. The developer formerly known as bbthemelab, besides delighting us with his summer themes, decided to go down a completely different road with this sweet looking Nissan Skyline 34 inspired design aptly titled r34. Whether you're a fan of Nissan, automobiles in general, or just looking for a theme that offers functionality, customization, and style, this is sure to satisfy your theme addiction.

When it comes to themes, mgdotnet draws you in with their quality and their attention to detail. From the matching orange highlights, focus icons, and customized fonts, to the unique new message icon indicators (literally they say "new" in a message bubble), it all comes together in one bright and eye popping package. r34 also features a unique clock design in the upper left hand corner of the screen that when selected brings up the manage connections menu. It's easy to read and doesn't detract from the display or your favorite wallpapers. After rocking this for a few days, there are no battery or resource drains to speak of. 

r34 is a fast, smooth, well-designed that looks great and is one that everyone out there will enjoy. You can't help but notice the one-of-a-kind wallpaper and how that feat of engineering just stands out on the display. I don't think you'll be switching off that background anytime soon. It's compatible with BlackBerry 9350/60/70/90, and 9900/30/81, offers the perfect balance between functionality and customization for your BlackBerry 7 compatible device, and is currently on sale for $.99 in BlackBerry App World. So why not take this for a spin? You can check it out at the link below.

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