With the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 we're seeing a lot of great accessories emerge both from BlackBerry and third party manufacturers. One such OEM BlackBerry case is the new Transform Hard Shell for the BlackBerry Z10 which combines style with multimedia function.

In regular use the Transform Shell both looks great and feels great in the hand, while providing bump and scratch protection to the Z10. However, the real attention-getting feature of the case is the ability to quickly and easily transform it into a kickstand for the Z10. Half of the case pops off and folds back, providing a stable stand and optimal landscape viewing angle for watching movies and videos. We showed off the Transform Case in this Netflix on BlackBerry 10 video, and a whole bunch of you in the comments wanted to know more about it. Clearly, the ability to quickly shift from case to stand is a compelling concept.

The BlackBerry Transform Shell is available in black, white and red for the Z10. The exterior plastic of the case has a soft touch feel to it, offering just the right amount of grip. It's an easy case to put your Z10 into, it holds on tight, but if and when you to need remove your Z10 it's also an easy case to take off. 

The corners of the case have a little extra bulk to them for added protection from drops, and the corners are tall enough that they extend beyond the height of the display. If you put your Z10 face down on a table with this case, the case will prevent the display from touching the surface it's resting on. The Transform Shell is cut in such a way that you still have easy access to all of your ports and buttons.  

Overall, it's a great case for the Z10, especially if you're going to put the video player to use on a frequent basis. It's funny - earlier this year when I was flying to Las Vegas for CES, the person sitting beside me was watching a movie for the entire flight on their Galaxy S3. For two hours straight, the guy held the phone in his hand while he watched the movie. Even funnier, when the flight landed, he pulled a Bold 9900 out of his pocket and fired up his email. I can't help but think the Z10 and this case were made exactly for him. 

The BlackBerry Transform Case retails for $34.99, but you can get it for less at ShopCrackBerry.com. Check out the video and photos below for an even closer look!

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