So you’re holding your old 7100, looking with envy at that guy in the airport lounge chair next to you thumbing away at his 8700. You’ve got device envy. If only you could trade. Well, he’s probably not gonna trade, but you can get a trade-in at the BlackBerry Trade Up program.

So here’s how it works. You go to the website and specify what kind of BlackBerry you have, and what you want to buy. They give you an instant quote on how much of a trade-in you could expect, and they’ll even email you a shipping label. Then go buy your new Berry, fax in the proof of purchase, mail in your old device, and wait for a check.

I haven’t used it myself, but it seems like a decent idea. And it looks like they’ve made it as painless as possible. You might be able to do better on Ebay, but with a trade in you save yourself the trouble of setting up an auction.

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